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 Blind. Deaf. Dumb.

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Blind. Deaf. Dumb. Empty
PostSubject: Blind. Deaf. Dumb.   Blind. Deaf. Dumb. Icon_minitime23/04/09, 09:26 am

“Blind, Deaf, and

Physically free and yet so hindered,
I can clearly see what holds you back.
Oppressed and broken, your words are tethered,
You long to speak yet it is this that you lack.
If only, if only the world could hear,
The world would then be able to see as well.
So stubborn they are to listen my dear,
So blind, and deaf to what you wish to tell.
But, hesitate no more and speak your mind,
Your soul as a bird; your voice as your wings.
Be never afraid though caged and confined,
Your words will take shape and become your key.
So fly free with your yet unspoken words,
And may it be that your voice will be heard.
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Blind. Deaf. Dumb. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blind. Deaf. Dumb.   Blind. Deaf. Dumb. Icon_minitime25/04/09, 05:34 pm

nice nice nice mhmmmmmm
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Blind. Deaf. Dumb.
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