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 La Tierra Cafe

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PostSubject: La Tierra Cafe   La Tierra Cafe Icon_minitime24/04/09, 11:32 pm

*Walking down a sidewalk with Pocket in her small backpack she stops outside a cafe with a help wanted sign. She walks inside viewing the interior design. It was styled with an earthen feel. Large potted plants that over shadowed tables with bamboo seating and even a singing bird in a cage in the corner of the cafe. She finds the resumes to fill out and sits down at a table after ordering a small strawberry and mango smoothie.*
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PostSubject: Re: La Tierra Cafe   La Tierra Cafe Icon_minitime25/04/09, 05:23 pm

-sitting by myself at one of the tables in the corner of the cafe drinking my tea-
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La Tierra Cafe
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