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 Bang Bang. You're dead.

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Bang Bang. You're dead. Empty
PostSubject: Bang Bang. You're dead.   Bang Bang. You're dead. Icon_minitime28/04/09, 04:01 am

Can't get the stink off
He's been hanging round for days
Comes like a comet
Suckered you but not your friends
One day he'll get to you
And teach you how to be a holy cow

You do it to yourself, you do
And that's what really hurts
Is that you do it to yourself
Just you and no one else
You do it to yourself
You do it to yourself

Don't get my sympathy
Hanging out the 15th floor
You've changed the locks three times
He still comes reeling through the door
One day I'll get you
And teach you how to get to purest hell

You do it to yourself, you do
And that's what really hurts
Is that you do it to yourself
Just you, you and no one else
You do it to yourself
You do it to yourself

You do it to yourself, you do
And that's what really hurts
Is that you do it to yourself
Just you, you and no one else
You do it to yourself
You do it to yourself.. yourself.. yourself..

Bang Bang. You're dead. GalvestonIsland60

What seems to be a normal high school spring break is coming. Everyone in the school gets invited to go to the amazingly rich brothers, Jamine And David, mansion (On a private island). So a bunch of kids form the school decide to go figuring that it would be a fun spring break experience. Packing their bags and leaving right when the bell rings.
Finally after a long drive and a boat trip they reach the island. Everything is good, everyone is having fun, but later that night Jamine and David are found dead hanging from ceiling, found by the maid of the house. People start to get freaked out speculating that the two might have committed suicide, but that idea is cut out when they find the maid dead in the kitchen. Now realizing that it couldn't be suicide for all three the guest of the house realize that there's a murder in the house. Then they realize that all of the doors are locked (and are metal so they can't get through) the house has no windows and the phone line is dead. The highschoolers start to realize that one of them is the killer. Now it is a battle of survival and trust and keeping your mind straight.

1. Try to stay on with the role play, don't just droop out
2. One will be the kill so don't whine about it.
4. Be nice >.>
6. Role play...realistic...PLEASE. (or you get kicked)
7. MUST write more then three sentences

Okay, so I'm going to try something new with this roleplay. Once I have enough I will private message someone (saying that I sent the message on here), then they will take the role as the killer as none of us (other then me and the killer) will know there the killer. I'm gonna see if it was spice things up a little.


Picture: (Has to be real)
Name: (full please)
Age: (of coarse high school appropriate)
Family: (Any family come to the mansion?[Has to be in highschool though])
Friends: (Any friends come to the mansion?)
Clique: (Have to have one....)
Personality: (How you are, we all have problems state the good AND the bad)
Flaws: (Has to have at LEAST one, don't make it stupid and unrealistic. Also it's a suspecting reason why you could be the killer)
Life story: (Make it realistic. Like a REAL story I don't want some fake story like: My character killed their parents and has a deep craving for blood or I'm Gwin's daughter or I'm supper rich and everyone loves me. It can be dramatic, but again realistic)

MINE: :3

Picture: Bang Bang. You're dead. Zzz25
Name: Kristy Clares
Age: 17
Family: No
Friends: CS
Clique: Artist/punk
Personality: Kristy is a nice girl but comes off very standoffish to people that she doesn't know (due to her shyness). She freely expresses herself how ever she wants, not caring what people think of her. Shes usually sweet and a lot of people like hanging around her but she always speaks her mind showing that the week of heart should stay away from her. She comes across rude due to how she talk her mind to everyone and in the end it is a bit rude. Also when people yell at her she usually shrugs it off, making them more angry, but she doesn't like fights and avoids them like that.

Flaws: There was a roomer around school that she went to a mental health hospital for trying to kill someone, when she doesn't like someone she always tells her friends about her deep hate towards that person (Explaining how she would kill them ect.)

Life story: Kristy has been a normal middle class girl with her parents together and one younger brother, Mat. She always been happy with her life. Shes always had friends and a great family. Shes been in a few relationships, her last one being the most serious. In the last relationship she dated a man named Tom. She felt closer to Tom then anyone else and told him her problem about her cutting (shes addicted to it), how her mother found out, and how she now is going to a doctor about it. Months past and she felt that the two of them just weren't working. So they brook up resulting in him being upset and spreading a roomer around the school that she went to a mental health hospital for trying to kill someone (which he built that off of her cutting story that she told him). After that she was pretty burned out on having a boyfriend.

MINE: :3

Picture: Bang Bang. You're dead. Zzz6
Name: Damien Charlsion
Age: 18
Family: No
Friends: CS
Clique: Stoner/Rocker
Personality: Damien is usually sad and down. Hes very serious and barely ever smiles or laughs. People usually think he so cool and his friends think that he too depressed acting. The only way he expresses his self is on stage. When hes onstage he becomes a new person. He pretty witty when it comes down to it and would do almost anything for his close friends. Hes hard to read so people don't really know the relationship they have with him.

Flaws: He always complains about how the human race is horrible and how we all need to die.

Life story: Damien had a good, normal life up until the age of 13 when his farther and his old brother ( the age of 16) died in a car crash. After that happened he became depressed, but his mother tired to help him threw it. After that his mother and him became really close. Hes had a average amount of friends but most don't know about his depression or about the accident.
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Bang Bang. You're dead. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bang Bang. You're dead.   Bang Bang. You're dead. Icon_minitime28/04/09, 04:25 am

Name: Wendy Louise Abner
Age: Seventeen

Family: None
Friends: None
Clique: Music Clique

Personality: She is Wiccan and very much into the mystics of life. She often talks about tarrot cards and astrology. She doesn't talk much and when she does it is only in a few words. She is a bit antisocial as well preferring animals and anything superstitious.
Flaws: She has a bit of an anxiety disorder which causes her to either run away and hide herself. It is also the reason why she doesn't like talking much unless it deals with her tarrot cards.

Life story: Wendy lives with her grandmother and grandfather. Her parents couldn't deal with her when she decided to turn Wiccan in a christian family. They also suspected of her being lesbian even though she had never showed interests in girls let alone dating at all. (She is straight by the way). Her grandparents deal with her and try to be kind and reach out to her to possibly get through to her, but they ultimately leave her alone. They make sure that she is healthy and doing well in school but that is it. While she multiple quirks she tends to be a bit of mathematical genius. She does well in all of her classes but math is something that is like breathing to her.
Bang Bang. You're dead. Model_port_71_by_t4nsu
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Bang Bang. You're dead. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bang Bang. You're dead.   Bang Bang. You're dead. Icon_minitime28/04/09, 05:10 am

Picture: Bang Bang. You're dead. Jensen-ackles
Name: Matthew Murdoch
Age: 18
Family: none
Friends: could be anyone
Clique: Popular/Theater Guy
Personality: Matt's a very outspoken person. He says whats on his mind and people love him and hate him for it. Matt's a very deep guy when it comes to Theater and what h'es passionate about. Matt loves to have fun and is usually the go-to guy when you want to have fun
Flaws: Matt how seriously people take themselves in certain situations, and thinks they should lighten up.
Life story: Matt was born to both a mother and father. Matt was an only child. Matt was a straight-edge kid till he reached high school. He often caused trouble, but keeps it under control. His parents showed support for his acting career, until his father died of cancer. Matt had a brief state of depression, but soon moved on and continued living his life.
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Bang Bang. You're dead. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bang Bang. You're dead.   Bang Bang. You're dead. Icon_minitime

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Bang Bang. You're dead.
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