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 Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Character Sheet   08/04/09, 09:21 am

This character sheet outline is for your benefit and the other people who might be interacting with you. That way, if they or you ever forget something then you have a reference to look back on. The information that you give is not a requirement although it is preferable. You can add or edit your character at any time and of course you can have more than one character. The one requirement for your character is a name and picture.

Example Sheet (My Own)
*You can create your own sheet; this is just an example*

Name: Secret (Yes, that is the name)
Gender: Female
D.O.B and/or Age: 15

Family: A younger brother
Friends: Pocket and Olios
Pets: A pet cat named Pocket

Hobbies: Reading and Sleeping
Talents: Drawing and Piano
Likes: Pillows and Quiet Thinking
Dislikes: Secrets and Lies
Strengths: Advice
Weaknesses: Cooking

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Shorty G-String
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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet   16/04/09, 04:04 am

Name: Ace
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Family: None
Friends: None
Pet: None
Hobbies: Drawing, sleeping, exercising
Talents: Sports (Track, Cross Country)
Likes: Dandelions, Sunny breezy days, and Freedom
Dislikes: Judgementals, Dishonestly, and Country music
Strengths: Honesty
Weaknesses: Repairing things

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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet   24/04/09, 06:26 pm

Name: Pyro
Gender: Male
D.O.B and/or Age: 15

Family: None
Friends: None
Pets: A Dog Named 3 Tears

Hobbies: Music
Talents: Cooking
Dislikes: Stuff
Strengths: Music
Weaknesses: Cleaning

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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet   

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Character Sheet
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