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 LMAO! Friend's sell eachother out.

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PostSubject: LMAO! Friend's sell eachother out.   07/05/09, 07:21 pm

Funniest cop episode ever! xD

Dude: What? I'm going to jail because she has warrants for arrest? I didn't even do anything wrong?!

Police: The driver gets charged just as well. Sorry.

Dude: Why can't you just take her to jail?! i didn't know that she had any warrants?! Just take her to the jail!!

Girl: What?! F*** you!

Police: Weren't you just kissing her?

Dude: f*** that! Take her to jail and let me go!

Police: Well, sorry but you are both getting charged. See what a traffic violation causes?

Girl: F*** you..f*** you. And i didn't even know it was a way lane!

((haha so messed up. xD))
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LMAO! Friend's sell eachother out.
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