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PostSubject: SHADOW HOUSE NOTES   SHADOW HOUSE NOTES Icon_minitime08/05/09, 11:11 pm

Name: Zach Avogard
Age: 18
Grade(School): 12
Gift: telekinesis, telepathy
Personality: bold, cocky
Appearance: 6'0 tall, 178 lb, usually wears dark hoodies to hide his face outside of class, oil black hair, blue eyes, white skin somewhat tanned.
Background:As a senior Zach has gained much control of his powers and experience on how to use them. He is very social as he likes to act like a jerk to gain respect.

Name: Ivory Springs - 'Ivy'
Age: 16
Grade(School): 11th
Family: None
Gift: Fire && Telepathy
Personality: A deep thinker, with a sometimes fiery temper, she can sometimes come across a little strong or intimidating, but shes a friendly person and enjoys having fun. She also cares deeply for the people around her.
Appearance: Long, brown hair, green eyes, 5'4. Cream colored skin.
Background: Ivory's parents died when she was very young, about four years old. Her gifts were soon uncovered and she was taken into the institute. She's lived there for most her life and earned her own trust from the Professor who became like a father to her.
Notes: Plays the violin.

Name: Jason Zono
Age: 17
Grade(School): Junior
Family: A little brother
Gift: The ability to control, bend and create wind at will & controlling nature.
Personality: He is usually calm and mystrious but strangely never hesitates to jump into an adventure. He's cautious, yet humble, and is always as kind as he can be. Sometimes his kindness gets the best of him.
Appearance: Light brown skin, thick slightly spikey dark brown hair, sunsultan eyes (Light brown eyes that seem to sparkle in the sun)
Background: Jason Zono was born into a mixed breed family. His mother was a mutant while his father was a human. All his life noone knew his mom's secret. One day however, his father caught his mother use her transformation gift. This scared his father at first but angered him as well. He therefore killed his mother, right before his and his brother's very eyes. The father knew that either Jason or James (his little brother) had mutant powers and was about to kill them as well. He almost succeeded as well until the 'incident' happened. Noone knew how but the father was found dead at the bottom of the ocean. Now seperated from his brother (who is in a foster home until Jason becomes 21) Jason set out soon finding the Institution, realizing what his gift was.
Notes: He likes to meet new people and usually loves outdoor weather no matter what it is.

Name: Michael Shepard
Age: 17
Grade(School): 11th
Family: None
Gift: Can shapeshift into anything, and can shapeshift certain parts of his body into anything.
Personality: Michael is the guy that people want to be around. He's cool and keeps savvy during intense situations. Michael is a wise-cracker. Michael has gained considerable control over his abilities, but loses control of his anger every now and then
Appearance: 5'11. dark brown hair. Handsome. He keeps in shape and works out in the gym. Hazel eyes.
Background: Michael discovered his powers when he was 13. His parents cared for him despite his abilities, but soon found it too much of a burden. They sent Michael to an orhanage, and Michael was soon found by the founder of Shadow House.

Name: Alyss Vinyards
Grade: Sophmore
Power: She has the ability to see through objects, tangible, and intangible and that are psychic or mental. To make it clear, she can see through solid objects and what their exact components are made of. For example, if there is a rock in front of her, she can see all the minerals that compose it. When it comes to tangible objects, it refers to people. She can see through lies and can discern the truth like a lie detector.
Background: She was expelled from all of her schools for supposedly "cheating" on tests, gambling, and numerous other small acts. So her aunt sent her to a school that would accept her and wouldn't expel her ((for her aunt's sake))

Notes: She loves playing poker (lol xD) and because of her unique ability to see through lies and "bluffs" it makes her almost an "athlete" at the game.

Other stuff: She is very sarcastic and often finds fun messing with people and their truths. She will ask questions that people don't feel safe answering and eventually black mail them when it comes to her advantage...but thats only if she really doesn't like them. The reason she does this is because when she was in middle school a couple of girls who worked with her on the journalism team spread a nasty rumor about her because she had told the truth in one of her articles. Another girl who had first gotten the front page had made something up but Alyss had seen through the truth and exposed her...which resulted in the rumor.. ((she refuses to tell anyone the rumor. Only she and the girls who made up the rumor and heard it know about it...but since she moved multiple schools and states, only she knows it.))

Summary, In the Mutant Institute were teenage mutants go to learn how to control their powers for the use of good. Ivy begins the scene by playing her violin and accidently burns it with her powers, Jason had recently arrived at the institute as a new student and meets Ivy by accidently bumping into her in the hallway. They great each other and introduce each other and the conversation had Jason reveal his reason of being in the mansion.

After wards Ivy takes Jason on a tour of the mansion while Zach returned from high school and Mike finished with his excersise in the danger room. During the tour Ivy suddenly loses control of her fire powers and bursts into flames on the floor, Jason hesitated for a while until he used his ability to create wind to try to suppress the flames with little success as the wind fanned the fire to spread. Ivy's mouth soon erupted in flames narrowly missing Jason as he tried to make a wind vortex to prevent the fire from speading but the heat made him pass out and is rushed to the hospital. Ivy managed to stand up and walk outside as her flames turned bleach white as she walked onto the lawn and lays there for a few minutes as the fire burned her clothes off. She got embaressed and scurried to the pool area for a towel as she reentered the mansion.

Mike walks up to her commenting on her 'preformance' as he introduced him self to her and offers to let Ivy borrow his own clothes as he shanges into a dog. She puts on his over sized clothes and poses playfully as she asks for an opinion. Mike barked in approval as Zach walks up and mocks the way she looks in mike's clothing as well as her fire incident earlier. Mike defends Ivy as it lead to Zach to use his powers to make Mike float in a playful manner in retaliation for a short while until he put him down as he goes to the park to train for his senior exam.

Ivy and Mike head to Ivy's room were ivy got dressed in her clothes and returned Mike's were he changed as well. In the room both Mike and Ivy share information about each other's powers which lead to Ivy reading his mind finding some emotion towards her. Zach returns from his training to play mutant volleyball with his fellow classmates including his childhood friend, Greg, who won the game by punching the ball into the ground with his superstrength. Jason returns from the hospital as he walks around the instute until he grew tired and fel asleep on the lawn under the stars. As Zach returned to the Mansion he and Ivy find each other in a hallway as Zach greets her with a joke. Ivy hesitates as her emotions mix inside of her and couldn't get a response out. Zach senses her emotions with his powers and mocks her by using his telepathy then asks her were she was going. Ivy told him that she was headed to the danger room for an inspection. Zach finds interest in this as he plans to watch her in the danger room as he went to his room to pick up some marbles to play with.

Zach fnds a seat next to the professor as Ivy uses some amazing acrobatics to avoid lasers, pikes and a giant mechanical claw while the room was puring water simulating rain.Zach gives a sly comment of her wet look as Ivy successfully defeats the danger room as she exits to find the professor and Zach waiting for her. The professor arranges for Zach and Ivy to spar tomorrow in a hand to hand combat tomorrow morning which gets Zach upset as he is insulted that he, a senior, has to fight a junior so he storms off to his room.

The next morning Zach and Ivy have their match and Zach almost won as he had her in an arm bar. Ivy used her acrobatic skill to try and flip out of the hold but Zach let go knowing that Ivy would have badly hurt herself if he held on and he walks towards the exit with an angry additude. Ivy asks him why he is mad and they go into a mental conversation of how Zach is so dedicated to train himself to help fight in the was against the evil mutants. Before Zach turns to leave the gym to continue his training Ivy jumped foward and gave him a kiss on his cheek and wished him good luck. Zach compliments her and walks out, Ivy walks out the opposite door.

Jason once again walks around the institute trying to familiarize him self with the school and tries to make new friends but with no luck. He goes into the garden to practice is powers as Ivy walks up to him obsserving Jason's abnormal powers. Jason asks her if she is ok from her fire accident as he uses his powers to bring dead plants to life. She told him that she was alright as Jason explains how his powers work.(to be continued)
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