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 Story Competition Rules

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PostSubject: Story Competition Rules   Story Competition Rules Icon_minitime08/04/09, 07:20 pm

In the story competitions the rules must be followed exactly as they are
written. Any violation of the rules will result in automatic

Submitting Stories

Rule No. 1: All submitted stories must be 100% original. Any derivations of
other work or copyrighted work will be disqualified.

Rule No. 2: All competitions last one month. 2 week for submissions, 1 week for voting, 1 week for final evaluation.

Rule No. 3: Multiple accounts made to gain votes will result in automatic
disqualification and a ban from all future art competitions.

Rule No. 4: Only one submission is allowed. If more than one is entered then all entries will be disqualified.

Rule No. 5: When entering a submission be sure to include all of the
following: a title and the story. These are not all needed, but it could improve your chances of winning.

Rule No. 6: Depending on how many entries there are, the top five to ten stories with the highest amount of votes will go to the final round of
evaluation where the three top winners will be chosen. If only three
entries are submitted, then only one will be chosen as a winner.

Rule No. 7: All submissions should be entered using only the default values of the text box.

Rule No. 8: No stories may contain explicit material. You will be judged based on grammar and spelling as well. So keep that in mind.

Submitting Votes

Rule No. 1: One person may submit up to three vote points. They can separate the points amongst submissions or they can give all their votes to one entry. You do not have to use all vote points.

Rule No. 2: Voting will not be allowed to take place until the end of the submissions time period.

Rule No. 3: Voting is only allowed in the designated thread. Votes in the submission thread will be deleted.

Rule No. 4: Comments can be submitted during the submission period in the appropriate commenting thread. Constructive criticism is allowed, but
have respect. Degrading anyone is not allowed.

Rule No. 5: Votes are to be submitted in this exampled format:

Title: The Novelist
Artist: Mystery Man
Vote Count: 2
Comment: "Hey, this is really great! Good job!"

Rule No. 6: All votes are to be submitted in only one post. No other posts are after wards allowed by the poster.

Rule No. 7: You may vote for yourself.

Rule No. 8: You may not create multiple accounts to vote for someone. To be eligible to vote your account must be active for at least 3 days.
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Story Competition Rules
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