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 Seasonal Poetry Competition

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PostSubject: Seasonal Poetry Competition   Seasonal Poetry Competition Icon_minitime25/04/09, 02:04 am

Seasonal Poetry Competition Sampletextimg4php-12

Seasonal Poetry Competition Four_seasons_by_MeXuT-1

Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall.

The four seasons till the land and nurture the roots of earth. The seasons bring rain, snow, dry heat, and lovely breezes. In this competition you will be writing a poem that includes one, two, three, or all of those seasons. Feel free to explore in whatever way you want. Those words do not have to be included in the poem so long as it is clear that the poem relates to one of them. Have fun and start writing. This competition is open for entrees.

Here is an example of my poetry

In Between

I close my eyes at winter
then open them at spring.
I've been sleeping all this time,
I wonder what happens in between?

Life is always moving.
It doesn't stop to rest.
So what is going on
while I am snuggled in a nest?

I've made up my mind
in sheer determination.
This bear is going to stay awake
and avoid hibernation.

*This just shows how much you can vary your poems. They don't only have to be about the seasons, so long as they are there in the poem. Your poem could be just about someone who decided to spend his life migrating like a bird always avoiding the winter!*
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PostSubject: Re: Seasonal Poetry Competition   Seasonal Poetry Competition Icon_minitime28/04/09, 10:18 pm

Winter Bliss

Snowy days, Snowy nights,

It is all a winter delight,

the time of change, the season of difference,

The snow flurries in air seem to dance,

I love the cold, It never gets old,

The season puts global warming on hold,

Come with me through the white snowy plains,

I will show you something that will never be tamed,

To let you see how nature changes with the snow,

An amazing sight that must be shown,

I get disappointed when it is almost gone,

I can not wait until the next time of fun,
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PostSubject: Re: Seasonal Poetry Competition   Seasonal Poetry Competition Icon_minitime01/05/09, 03:15 am


Years or months
Time I cannot discern.
I've been lying here for hours.
Or minutes...

Her arms are cold,
But my chest, it burns
With passion, so deeply scarred
Or broken.
I cannot return.

Now, her frostbite seems so old
Numb against my cheek, my skin
Sleep is far from me,
This night,
This mourning.

And where is the starlight
The winter beauty promised?
Where is the light of day?
The light of night?

So in the snow, against the white,
I would once more see summers eyes
The love that left me behind.
My heart abandoned.
My passion...

In my tears, I wish the sky to burn
Purging every fear, or spurn,
Giving me some taste of fire
Before her night can come,
And life
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PostSubject: Re: Seasonal Poetry Competition   Seasonal Poetry Competition Icon_minitime

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Seasonal Poetry Competition
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