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 Supernatural Notes

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PostSubject: Supernatural Notes   Supernatural Notes Icon_minitime01/05/09, 05:42 am

Characters (so far):

Logan Winchester: Age 21, this demon hunter is fearless and ruthless as they come. He cares deeply for his sister and Bobby who are his only family members left. He holds a small attraction forming for Iris, but holds this back as he doesn't want his job complicated.
His second loves are his colt and his car.

Allison Winchester: Age 18, a demon hunter like her brother she is confident and sometimes overly strict in the job after their father died. She takes a lot of pride in herself and holds her emotions just as her brother does. She has become dear friends with Iris and is often overly sarcastic. She is one of the endowed hunters who has an ability to sense the feelings and emotions of people. She can learn of their fears, strengths, and weaknesses and so on.

Iris Eliabeth: Age 18, she was found in an alley way by Ally who and had her taken back to Logan and her's motel room while they were on a hunt. After learning about eachother's business she decided to stay with them and become a demon hunter as well. Although still in training she proved her worth by fighting off the Alter Ego of Ally. She has an infatuation with Logan that she pretends to hide and not have, but everyone knows. She is a trained demon hunter apprentice under Ally and Logan. She prefers not to fight but makes use of her endowment of being able to wind her way into people's minds. It can be used both mentally and physically.

Collen: He was a human possessed by a demon. The original plan was to kill him off, but Allison stopped her brother before doing so deciding to give him the chance to live. His body houses a demon which he is still learning to control, but until he can be trusted he is under house arrest. After learning how to control his inner demon to a certain extent with the help of Ally, he is like Logan, a demon hunter and tracker.

Bobby: Bobby is Logan's and Allison's goof ball of an uncle. He creates their equipment for demon hunting and everything that is necessary for them to travel. He is also making up jokes and while he sometimes looks fierce he is merely just a big friendly bear in a Budweiser hat and flannel shirt.

Marcus Redstone: A half demon with an icy endowment. He is more of a pacifist than a fighter and has studied with Bobby to learn about healing, medicines, weapons, powers, and demons to equip the group with their own living encyclopedia for quick information when needed.

The Road (so far):

Training has begun for the newest member of the hunting profession, and Logan and Ally are showing them the ropes. Logan and Ally have their minds set on finally achieving what got them thrown into this life: Killing the demon that killed their mom. The others are becoming closer as a group and have grown strong bonds to one another. Soon, the group will be off to find the demon, but will they be able to stop it with or without losses?


May 8, 2009

The group has now finished their general training and have arrived at where they will be taking on their first major battle against the yellow eyed demon.

((This can be edited at anytime by any of the characters.))

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Supernatural Notes
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